Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Go Green! Go Steel!

Today's housing market demands conservation of our environment, so the products you put on your home should be strong, weather proof, last as long as possible and reduce your energy costs. Even better would be a product that is environmentally friendly and gives you free time for the best things life has to offer. Plus - our seamless steel siding is not only energy efficient but it also adds beauty to your home. Check our some of our before and afters!

ABC Seamless, The World's Largest Seamless Siding Company, is the original seamless siding company. We recognized when we first started siding homes that seamless steel was a superior siding product. Others have tried to imitate us, but we continue to innovate the industry. We are constantly improving our installation methods and expanding our product lines to bring you the seamless, worry and maintenance-free lifestyle that our customers enjoy.

The benefits of seamless steel siding continues beyond the walls of your home. We waste less material than other products because every panel of ABC Seamless siding is manufactured on-site to the precise measurements of your home. Our factory on wheels arrives at your home filled with large coils of steel in your chosen color and style, not filled with box after cardboard box of 12-foot pieces.

Energy-efficiency is a primary factor driving home-buying and remodeling decisions. Seamless steel siding looks great and is the beginning of a long road of savings.

The Department of Energy says nearly 33-percent of air leakage in homes comes from the walls, floors and ceilings. It also says that adding insulation to wall exteriors could cut homeowner's heating and cooling bills in half.

ABC Seamless Steel Siding, installed with our insulation, has earned the Energy Star of approval from the United States Department of Energy. This is a tremendous accomplishment that we take seriously. Together, our seamless steel siding and insulation promote energy efficiency and lasting durability to homes and businesses.

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